Create & Edit Courses

The course authoring software included with Easy Course Creator allows you to create rich interactive courses containing text, audio, videos, images, diagrams, flashcards, practice quizzes, exams, and more.  

The BOI Course Author software makes creating course content as simple as typing an email or word document.  All the necessary functions are built into the system.  Whether you're creating an online course from scratch or adapting a classroom course to the learning management system, Easy Course Creator has time saving solutions that will help you get your course content online more quickly, more easily, and more cost effectively than you probably imagined during your cost/benefit analysis.

There is no need for computer scientists or a large IT department to get your courses up and running.  Since you're developing the course in the Easy Course Creator LCMS, your course content is ready to deliver as soon as you've pushed the save button!  We also have a fully staffed support department capable of assisting you by email or toll free telephone 12 hours a day so you have the assurance of having skilled IT professionals at your fingertips.