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Mold Inspection /  Call for a mold inspection today every house has mold

803 389-9692       Molds, yeasts and mildews are included in the approximately 70,000 species of fungi that have been identified. all fungi can cause health problems, but only about 100 species are thoughts to cause disease in humans; these are called toxic molds.

NAMRIThe most common health problems associated with mold are allergy symptoms. Other symptoms include:

  Nasal and chest congestion
  Wheezing and breathing problems
  Sore throat
  Skin and eye irritation
  Sinus and upper respiratory infection
  Triggering of asthma attacksHomeAdvisor Respiratory illness
  Shortness of breath
  Tightness in the chest
  Endocarditis (heart disease)

Don't let molds,   and mildews get to you or your family. Call us today and we'll inspect and take samples to make sure your family and at  work can breathe with no worries.

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