Product Tour: Print On-Site

Inspection Report Creator's fast, efficient interface makes it easy to complete and print your home inspection reports anywhere, including on the job site. Narrative or checklist reports with photos and comments can be completed while you inspect each component, ready to print out immediately after the inspection.

One common complaint among home inspectors is the time it takes to finish the kind of high-quality reports that guarantee satisfied clients, enthusiastic referrals, and repeat customers. Inspection Report Creator produces those kind of reports quickly and easily by placing the information you need at your finger tips.

Inspection Report Creator's web-based system includes a huge library of pre-written inspection narratives, and also allows you to click and save your own custom comments for each section -- ready to use for the next inspection. Inspection Report Creator lets you carry around your inspection writing expertise, ready to insert into the next report with one click.

Inspection Report Creator is so fast and easy that you can save time by printing reports on-site using the latest generation of high-speed mobile printers. You can print a 20-30 page home inspection report with color photos on-site in just a few minutes!