"Let's Magnify Your Knowledge & Minimize Your Risk"

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BECAUSE  buying a Home is perhaps the single biggest purchase and investment most people will make during their lifetime. 

It is a Wonderful, Exciting and EMOTIONAL Time. A time filled with Hopes and Dreams coming True and a time of Goals being Accomplished..... A Milestone to mark our way along life's Journey.

 This is a Big Deal. Buying a Home is a Big Deal. 

And Precisely because of Emotions running so High it is also a time for Caution and PRUDENCE.

 It is a time to " put the brakes on just a little bit " and a time to do your All Important Due Deligence.

You want to know for CERTAIN that the Home you have fallen in LOVE with is SAFE to move into and will hold no " nasty surprises ".

It is EASY to be swayed by Fresh Paint, Shampood Carpets and a generally Well Appointed Property.

 In all the EXCITEMENT ; It is EASY  to Gloss Over countless Details that could prove to be a Calamity. 

Now is the time to Sniff Out Any DEFECTS. 

Now is the time to hire a Top Notch Home Inspector to give Yourself the "Peace of Mind " you need when INVESTING 100's of 1000's of DOLLARS. 

You have Worked so Hard to Get Here... Let Us Help You Complete the Journey with All The Advantages on Your Side. 

Please read on to find out What EXACTLY is a GRAPHIC CONSTRUCTION Home Inspection? 

What is Included and what is NOT?