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                               WHAT " EXACTLY " IS A HOME INSPECTION ?


* A Home Inspection is a Written Evaluation and is based on a Visual and Non-Invasive examination of the Home's Readily Accessible Systems and Components ONLY. 

* It does NOT include the conditions of components and systems hidden by furniture, carpeting, panels or any other objects that abstruct the VIEW. 

* The Inspection is done according to Nationally Recognized Standards and Ethics as mandated by the National Society of Home Inspectors ( NSHI ).

 * An Inspection is intended to assist in the Evaluation of the Overall Condition of a Property and Home. 

A Complete Home Inspection EXAMINES and REPORTS on Hundreds of Organized DETAILS inside the Segments listed below: 

* Site Grounds and Grading    * Exterior and Structure    

 * Roof     * Plumbing and Electrical   * Attic     * Heating

 * Cooling     * Venting     * Interior Walls, Ceilings, Floors

 * Windows and Doors    *  Stairways and Railings    

 * Bedrooms     * Kitchens and Bathrooms

 * Miscellaneous Rooms     * Basement     * Garage 

 * Crawl Space     * Sheds    * Fences + Decks

  * Patios   * Walkways    * Driveways   *  Sidewalks

  *  Retaining Walls     *  Chimneys + Firplaces....and MORE




A Home Inspection is PEACE OF MIND, Knowing that you have a fully trained,

 Licensed, Qualified and Commited Professional Home Inspector in Your Corner,

 looking after Your Interests and WATCHING YOUR BACK.   



You get to PARTICIPATE. 

I Invite and Encourage all my Clients to Join me for the Inspection. 

You will Learn so Much.

 Seize the Opportuity to let me Help You do some Forward Planning. 

It is a Well Documented Fact that within 2 YEARS of buying a New Home ; be it a
brand new Custom Built Home or a 100 YEAR OLD CLASSIC, most people are ready
for Renovations, Alterations, Additions, Upgrades and Changes. 


When WE are Inspecting the Property and Home TOGETHER it is Important that WE take into account what if any changes YOU may have in mind for the FUTURE....Short term or Long. Your Real Estate Agent is an Expert in knowing the value of the Home you are buying and helping you select the Home best suited to your Needs and Wants. 

Knowing ANYTHING that is involved in Potential Future Renovations, Upgrades and Changes is My Area Of Expertise. 

Every part of an Inspection is Important but some parts are More Important Than Others

SHARING any Potential Future Reno Plans with me May Be Vital to making the Best Possible Decission


You have a 75 Year Old, two story home with a full Unfinished Basement.
Condition of Basement ( in brief ):

There is Evidence of minor Seasonal Seepage at the foundation wall and floor intersections as well as signs of Moisture Intrusison from small diagonal wall cracks. There is no Backwater Valve or Sump Pump/Pit Assembly. There are three original standard size basement windows. 


The Condition " as is " may be perfectly fine for someone who has no intention of Developing the Basement into Living Space. 

Many people can live with some Seasonal Water Intrusion. 

Just keep stuff off the cement floor, clean up and Ventilate as needed. After All...you only plan to go down there to Access your Freezer and read the water and gas meters. RIGHT?

 Or perhaps to change the Kitty Litter. You LOVE the Home otherwise, the price is Right and you don't ever intend to develop the basement.


 Has INTENTIONS of putting a Bathroom and an additional Bedroom down there. Lots of room to do it in this 700 Sq. Ft. Basement.

 HOWEVER...If you intend to turn this basement into a DRY Living Space you will be faced with a MASSIVE foundation Repair Bill BEFORE you even start to develop it. It is easily doable but you want to know AHEAD of time and be able to BUDGET for this EXPENSE. 


You have a 35 Year Old 900 Sq. Ft. Bungalow with 3 bedrooms and a Small Kitchen with no Formal Dining Room.


This Home is PERFECT just the way it is .


With A Growing Family you Plan to Expand the Kitchen and add a Formal Dining Room at the back of the Home in a few years.

You have a 30 foot setback from the back of the home to your property line. That 10 ft. X 12 ft. Dining Room addition  won't work without a Zoning Change because you need 25 feet from house to property line. The time to know this is NOW so you can look at Options


You have a Turn of The Century 3500 Sq. Ft. Classic 2 3/4 Story Home. Good all around condition and all the Old Charm you could ask for.

 HOWEVER you do plan to before moving in Enlarge the 2nd. Floor Bathroom and add an operable window.
 The Problem is there is only 2 1/2 ft. Of Clearance to the home next door. The home is Encroaching on the neigbour' s property. You CANNOT put a window in that wall because Fire code requires a minimum 4 foot Clearance or Set Back. Now is the time to know this and consider your OPTIONS


You have a 60 Year Old 2 Story Home that fits the bill PERFECTLY for Now BUT you have Intentions of eventually removing the partition wall between the Kitchen and the Dining Room to create one large beautiful open Space. ....

You have already researched the Cost of Kitchens and Flooring and you have a Pretty Good Idea of the Project Cost. 

NOW would be the time to know if the wall to be removed is a LOAD BEARING wall or NOT. 

If Not than this part of the Reno is relatively inexpensive. If it is HOWEVER a load bearing wall then it will take a much Bigger Bite Out of Your Renovation Budget. 

AGAIN you would want to know this before making your final Decision. 

ALLOW me to work with you and assist you in SEEING the entire picture CLEARLY.

                                           AT YOUR SERVICE I REMAIN