Learn to be an Energy Auditor using the interactive, online course through Professional Home Inspection Institute.  The courses listed below will teach you everything you need to know to work as a weatherization professional and conduct energy audits.

Diagnostic and Testing Protocols
Hours: 20  |  Type: Distance / Online  |  More Details

The Energy Auditing Course covers all of the diagnostics & testing protocols included in an energy audit.  With full lessons on thermal imaging and infrared technology, blower doors, and combustion appliance safety tests, new auditors will know the tools of the trade and the auditing process.

Residential Appliance Efficiency
Hours: 10  |  Type: Distance / Online  |  More Details

There are numerous opportunities in a home to reduce energy consumption and save your clients money.  The Residential Appliance Efficiency Course provides specific recommendations that Energy Auditors can share with homeowners as part of the inspection process.

Weatherization and Insulation Remediation
Hours: 24  |  Type: Distance / Online  |  More Details

When the energy audit is complete the weatherization work begins.  Energy Auditors not only develop the work plan, they are also play an important consulting role through the entire weatherization process.  This course contains detailed information on air leaks and building tightness limits, insulation installation, windows & doors, and remediation options in all areas of a home.

Manufactured Home Weatherization
Hours: 12  |  Type: Distance / Online  |  More Details

Some of the most challenging and gratifying work of an energy auditor or a weatherization professional is done for occupants of manufactured homes.  In order to complete a thorough review of these structures, you must first understand how the homes are constructed, HUD standards and how they have changed over the years, and the unique challenges of inspecting a manufactured home.  This course includes all of these details and more, providing learners with a solid knowledge base on manufactured homes.

Hands-On Field Lab
Hours: 10  |  Type: Distance / Online  |  More Details