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mattress sanitizing we clean and or sanitize you mattress no harsh chemical

DO YOU KNOW WHO YOUR SLEEPING WITH ?         we use the same imageUV -C light as the sun and in hospitals to effectively eliminate indoor pollutants such as bacteria, viruses, bed bugs, dust mites,flea eggs and bed bug eggs that can be the cause of colds, the flu and allergy outbreaks.
Chemical free odorless .UV-C light effectively eliminates the allergy and disease causing microbes. UV-C light technology is proven and recognized by the FDA, EPA AND USDA  as an effective means of eliminating biological contaminates.
UV-C light has been used in hospitals food processing ,water treatment and HVAC systems for over 30 years

UV-C Light has been proven to be a chemical free method for sanitizing  surfaces and other difficult to clean items.
                Dr. Charles P. Gerba M.D.
 Leading expert on Germs and Hygiene

facts ; A gram of household dust [ approximately half a teaspoon ]contains as many
as 1,000 dust mites.
Dust mites live in every home and can trigger Asthma, eczema and allergic rhinitis.

 Families with asthma problems, allergies kids and elderly this is a must.
l  Eliminate up to 99.9 % influenza  [ H1N1] 
Highly effective 
Chemical-free sanitizing. 
           Member IJCSA.                                 GREEN CERTIFIED               
ECO FRIENDLY.         

We also can sanitize and clean carpet
and clean dryer vents