Mold Certification

Mold Certification from MoldInspectorLicense.com

While most states do not currently have a mold licensing requirement or even a specific license for mold inspection, it is important to obtain a nationally recognized mold certification for insurance purposes as well as your own credentials as a certified mold inspector or mold remediator. 

MoldInspectionLicense.com offers mold certification courses through Professional Mold Inspection Institute (PMII). PMII is an affilliate of the Professional Home Inspection Institute and PMII is approved by NAMRI, the National Association of Mold Remediators and Inspectors.  NAMRI is the leading non-profit mold association in the nation with membership throughout the US and Canada.  Our mold certification courses follow the national guidelines and the national standards for mold inspection from NAMRI.

There is no nationwide mold license, however Louisiana and Texas do have legislation for mold inspection and mold assessment.  We do not currently offer the Mold License in Texas since they require in-state classroom training and we are currently only offering the training through the PMII online interactive courses.