Residential Mold Inspector Certification Course

Mold Certification Package Contents:
  • Interactive Mold Course
  • Mold Inspection Report Forms / Documents
  • Complete Online Course Access
  • CRMI Certification
  • CCMI Certification
  • CMR Certification
  • Deluxe Student Manual
  • 2 hour Mold Inspection DVD
  • Mold Air Sampling Training Video
  • I-Beam Interactive Software Package
  • EPA Guide to Indoor Air Quality
  • Guide to Mold, Moisture and Your Home
  • Toll Free Student Support
  • Free $149 NAMRI Membership
  • Free $149 Inspecthost Subscription

For more information, please visit the Mold Certification Course Package page since right now, you get the entire Mold Certification Package including Remediation, Remediation Protocols, and the Commercial Mold Course for the same price as the Residential Mold Inspection Course by itself.

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Residential Mold Inspector Certification Course $299.00

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